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Tube lineup: 12BA6, 12AV6, 12BE6, 35W4, 35C3, 50C5 (All American Five design) Audio power: ? Speaker: ? Input power: .117 VAC 60 Hz 0.5 amps Comment: Cabinet available in walnut or oak finish. On the tube layout sheet, Canadian Marconi opted to show the tube types 35W4 and 35C5 as being in the same envelope.

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K&D INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. sell K&D TUC7-F Ceramic 7pin Tube Socket Chassis

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Vacuum Tube - 50C5, Beam Power Amplifier Miniature beam pentode primarily designed for use in the audio-frequency power-output stage of radio receivers. The tube features high power sensitivity and high efficiency at relatively low plate and screen voltages

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The majority of new 12AX7s are used in guitar amps. Dual triodes also played a part in early electronic computers, which had thousands of them. 6,550 out of the 18,800 tubes in the ENIAC computer (circa 1946) were 6SN7GTs. Each tube represented one bit, one side the 1, and the other side the 0. No wonder the computers filled an entire room.

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Tube Data Sheet Locator. Bold designators are close or identical, Italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details

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Apr 07, 2016 · P705 [1960] {516-10} miniature tube table radio 12AT7,2x12BA6,12AU6,19T8,50C5,silicon rectifier Dux (Swedish manufacturer) T1260 "Trippel" [1964] transistor portable

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Found 200 records in Search of Tube DIY Asylum.. 1: Re: Data of 6907 (10.30) Posted by pteron on 2003-05-17, 21:17:40 ( You are right, this cool-looking double tetrode is considerably smaller.

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The top tube is the 35W4, while the bottom tube is the 50C5. You can see a bright bluish-white line of electricity connecting two pins together. It doesn’t seem to go away until I cut the power. The 50C5 seems to be experiencing spark gaps, if that’s the proper term, between pins 6 and 7, along with making an annoying buzzing noise.

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Like with any tube amp, it is very touch sensitive and responds to any change in volume on the guitar, or to the intensity of attack on the strings. This is the perfect example of a vintage tube amp. The circuit is based on the 5F1 Fender Champ. The schematic is glued to the inside bottom piece. The tube complement is: 12AU6, 50C5, 35W4.

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Transmitting Tubes. Various tube types from 100TH through 4CX15000 including hard to find 4CX1600B tubes. List posted soon . Receiving Tubes

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18n50, Транзисторы полевые (FETs, MOSFETs), Позиции на заказ - МОП-транзисторы - <600В, Позиции на заказ - Прочее.
Aug 29, 2019 · In a stereo hi-fi amplifier, 7 compactrons will do the work of 10 tube or 26 transistors. In the home radio mentioned, 2 compactrons are equivalent to 5 tubes or 7 transistors. In a black-and-white TV receiver, 10 compactrons will match 15 tubes and 3 diodes or 24 transistors and 11 diodes.
There were plenty of AM table radios with the "All American Five" tube complement, which included the 35W5 rectifier tube, the 50C5 beam power pentode as audio amp, and some mixture of 12BA6 IF, 12BE6 Converter, and 12AV6 Detector/pre-amp (at least, that was what was most common to me). If you added up all the filament voltages, you got line ...
Jan 15, 2009 · The four most common output tube types are the 6L6GC, 6V6GT, EL34, and EL84. A handful of contemporary makers still offer amps with KT66 and 6550 tubes, and a few even manufacture unusual designs using more esoteric tube types, but you’ll see one of those first four in a good ninety-nine percent of amps you encounter today.
TungSol 12AX7 $14.90. Buy TungSol 12AX7, the top choices for upgrading stock 12AX7 tubes in both audio and gu...

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Five tube single band superheterodyne. The tubes used in this set and their purpose are: 12AV6 Detector, AVC, 1 st A.F. Amplifier 12BE6 Oscillator/Mixer 12BA6 I.F. Amplifier 50C5 A.F. Power Output 35W4 Rectifier: Back to the Gallery
However, arrangements would need to be made for the output tube filament supply, as direct-line operation would considerably exceed the maximum heater-to-cathode voltage, and is therefore not recommended. THE MAIN AMPLIFIER This is the schematic diagram of the "Li'l 4x4's" main amplifier circuitry. 50C5 Single Ended Triode Amplifier My first home-made tube project. Uses all "AA5" (All-American Five, refers to the dime-a-dozen line operated table radio tube lineup) tubes, in this case a type 35W4 rectifier, 50C5 output, and a 14GT8 or 12AX7 for the driver. Due to popular opinion, I'm putting in some of these cute triangular symbols...