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Force Calculator The force can be calculated by using the following formula:where p is the momentum, t is the time, m is the mass and a is the acceleration.

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Aug 23, 2001 · This force is 40 pounds regardless of how far the object has fallen. At the moment of impact, a new force begins to act on the object. This is a force upward from the ground. As I said before, this force must be much greater than the force of gravity if the object is going to stop in much less time than the time that it has been falling.

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We use this nifty bullet energy calculator when we chronograph projectiles. We thought you might enjoy it as well. Enter the first two variables, then press calculate. Muzzle Energy will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Click Here to open in small window.

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Question: Calculate The Force Applied By The Impact Of Water Jet On A Plate By Using Following Table: Angle (a) = 45° Pipe Diameter - 10 Mm Dynamic Viscosity Of Water (u) = 0.00115 Kg/m-s. Gravity Force - 9.8 M/s Density Of Water = 1000 Kg/m Velocity Calculated Force (N) Volume V (Liters) Time T (see) Flow Rate 0 (m/s) 19 Measured Force (N) 0 ...

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Then an estimate of the velocity "v" that gives an instantaneous compressive force "F" at the free end just after impact can be obtained from the equation: F = (A) X (v) X (square root of (E*rho)) This may give you a ball park figure to serve as a starting point for the real scenario.

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This calculator will display the results in two forms. The first is a raw equivalent mass calculation for each gear. This gives the equivalent mass assuming you accelerate from 0 RPM to redline in only one gear. Not terribly realistic, but it shows the diminishing effects of flywheel rotational inertia in higher gears.

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The average impact force can be calculated as Favg = 1/2 m v2 / s (3b) The deformation slow-down distance can be calculated as s = 1/2 m v2 / Favg (3c)

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What is the average force exerted on the 0.057-kg tennis ball by Venus Williams’ racquet, assuming that the ball’s speed just after impact is 58 m/s, that the initial horizontal component of the velocity before impact is negligible, and that the ball remained in contact with the racquet for 5.0 ms (milliseconds)?

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A motorcar of mass 1,200 kg is moving along a straight line with a uniform velocity of 90 km/h. Its velocity is slowed down to 18 km/h in 4 s by an unbalanced external force. Calculate the acceleration and change in momentum. Also calculate the magnitude of force required.
public static float KineticEnergy (Rigidbody2D rb) { // mass in kg, velocity in meters per second, result is joules return 0.5f * rb.mass * Mathf.Pow (rb.velocity.magnitude, 2); } There's other solutions from this thread (which is where I found the function above): level 2.
Steel Thickness Calculator Pull Force Varies with Steel Plate Thickness. The Pull Force Case 1 (magnet to a steel plate) values listed on our website are derived from careful product testing by our engineers. It is the force required to pull a magnet straight away from a big, flat, thick steel plate.
Calculating elastic potential energy Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Calculate the mechanical advantage of a lever. In the previous chapter, you learnt that you can calculate a quantity to say exactly how big or smallthe mechanical advantage is. This quantity is a ratio.It is calculated by dividing the output force by the input force.

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Use the calculator below to calculate the kinetic energy of a bullet. In order to determine the kinetic energy, you must know the velocity of the bullet and the weight of the bullet in grains. You may add items to the list on the right in order to create a bar graph comparing the different items. This is useful for comparing handloads, muzzle ...
force of impact skeletal crushing ej-fotografienl. How to calculate the force of an impact at a given Stack,The working principle of the primary impact crusher is almost the same as the usual impact crusher It uses an impact force to crush materials in a crushing chamber, and the material goes out of the crusher once it has the desired size K&J Plate Thickness Calculator calculates the Pull Force of a single magnet stuck to a steel plate of a user-supplied thickness. The original K&J Magnet Calculator provides Pull Force Case 1, the pull force of a single magnet to a steel plate. It assumes that the steel plate is both bigger than the magnet, and thick enough to not become saturated.