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hello baba ifa kayode amosun,eku ise oluwa,ifa agbe wa o,ejo baba mofe ki eran mi lowoise ifa ni emi na nse,mofe ki e fa mi lowo soke,ifa aduro ti eyin na o,nitori odu ifa kan sowipe,OYEKU OFUN loso wipe(ya funmi ki ya fun e,ogbon ogbon awa awe la nfi ya fun eni toba juniloo,adifa fun sere o nlo keyin ayee woni ko kara nle ebo ni koya se e se aye re o,e se aye re, eni aye ba de kan ese aye ire ...

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The Symbolism of Odu Ifa Part 11: Ogbe Ika. Liturgical Yoruba Language the Symbolism of Odu Ifa Part 11: Ogbe Ika By Awo Falokun. Ogbe Ika from the elision o egbe ika meaning the spirit of consciousness gathers its power. The power referred to in this verse is the power of prayer, the ability to gather your personal spiritual resources to ...


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Odu é um conceito do culto de Ifá também usado no candomblé, interpretado no merindilogun, na caida de búzios. A palavra odu vem da língua iorubá e significa destino . Cada homem (ser) possui o seu destino que se assemelha a de outros mas sempre com alguma particularidade.

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es un buen momento para la concepciÓn. odu ika meyi ocupa el onceno lugar en el orden de odu de orunla. una persona siempre recogera lo que siembre. los niÑos de ikameyi necesitan propiciar sus cabezas con frecuencia a fin de hacer las correctas elecciones. si ika meyi es echado para un cliente, ifa dice que el cliente se enfrenta a dificultades.

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An aspiring Babalawo must learn AT LEAST four verses from each of the 256 chapters (Odu) of Ifa. The minimum of four verses will of necessity include ebos and ooguns (medicine) that are embedded and relevant to each of the verses, plus other issues that complement divination.

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Increased competition for power among european states and led to imperialism.

There are 256 major Odu's of Ifa, which involves 16 major Odu's which are the Meji's or the sixteen Kings and 240 permutations (born from the 16), equaling 256. An Odu reference to all situations, circumstances, actions and consequences in life based on the uncountable ese (poetic tutorials) relative to the 256 Odu coding.

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Ifa says this person should make sacrifice, he is trading and complaining not making profits. Ifa says it is time for him to make profit. Ifa will open his way. OBARA MEJI 7 Ifa wishes this person well. His Ori is destined to be wealthy and he would be rich in life. Ifa says there exist Osun spot in his lineage.

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The additional binary choice of Briggs and Myers makes a theory of 16 Personality Types and 16x16 = 256 Interaction Types that is closer to the 16 Tetragrams and 256 Odu of IFA. When World War II broke out, they developed the Myers-Briggs Type Index ( MBTI ) (a registered trademark) with the hope that it would increase people's understanding of ...

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Uma outra forma utilizada em Ibadan, e Cubá é: Ejiogbe, Oyekun meji, Iwori Meji, Idi Meji, Irosun Meji, Oworin Meji, Obara Meji, Okanran Meji, Ogunda Meji, Osa Meji, Ika Meji, Oturupon Meji, Otura Meji, Irete Meji, Oshe Meji, Ofun Meji. Heepa Odu! Isto é importante notar como ele muda o desfecho de certas partes da leitura).

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ODU IFA OGBE IKA INCANTATORY CHANTS TO PAY HOMAGE IN IFA SPIRITUALITY BY BABALAWO OBANIFA-Obanifa extreme documentaries In his current work Babalawo Obanifa will document one of the sacred Ifa stanza that can be used to pay homage to Olodumare (God ) and divinities .
Consagraciones de Ifa. Iroso Umbo - Irete Otun; Obara Di - Ojuani Lozure; Ogunda Bede - Oshe Sa; Ogbe Yono; Ogbe Yekun; Ogunda Meyi - Osa Meyi; Baba Eyiogbe; Oshe Meyi - Irete Kutan; Ceremonias. Kuana odu Ile Ashe Awo; Kuana odu Irete Kutan; Olokun; Unyen Ilè Ògéré. Diciembre 2019; Febrero 2016; Marzo 2015; Enero 2015; Cumpleaños. Oshe ...
The development of the 16 tetragrams – Universal Ifa. Adding again a single line and double line to the trigrams then produces the 16 tetragrams. These 16 tetragrams represent the 16 fractals or fractions of light reflected on the moon by the sun. This becomes the universal application of Ifa’s 16 signs.
Ifadowole Ìká Méjì A Ifá pé ire fún eléyìn. Ifá pé òun ó gbà á kalè lówó ikú, lówó àrùn, òfò àti gbogbo ajogun. Ifá pé ká fi aaka kún ebo rú.
Então vimos que com a mudança de calendário temos uma soma totalmente diferente, mudando o odu de frente e da nuca, o que trará odus completamente diferentes para o resto da soma. Também outra diferença é que no método anterior, reduz-se o número 19 para 10. No entanto no novo método, o 18 encontrado para a testa, continuará sendo 18.

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Sep 15, 2017 · IWORI-IKA. The Odu ifa casted for today’s itadogun Reading is IWORI-IKA with Blessing of wealth. Ifa said we should make sacrifice to esu and appease Ogun on our day to day activities and business. Ifa said we he will make us prosper. Ifa said and I quote: “Bi a ba da iwori ayoka erin la rin. Adifa fun won ni ijebu mure, ogbonkan,
Quem fala por esse Odu Oxumarê, Xangô, Ogum, Ewá, Age, Oxalá, Egum, Irôko e Ibêji. Elementos Água. Cores Vermelho, o negro e o azul. Proibições Aos filhos de Iká é vedado comer peixe defumado, carne de cobra, jacaré de pangolin, macaco (se comer é punido com a morte), batata doce, vinho de palma.